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About us

RF-Design is developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality RF distribution solutions for the Satellite-, Broadcast- and Broadband communication industry. Our product range includes Switch/Routing Matrices, RF-over-Fiber solutions, Switches/Redundancy-Switches, Line-Amplifiers, Splitters/Combiners, Signal Quality Analyzers and LNB-supply/control systems, especially designed for applications in Teleports, Satellite Earth-Stations as well as Broadcast- and Broadband RF distribution infrastructures.

We also have strong capabilities to design custom-made RF distribution solutions especially for your individual needs. Our products are designed, manufactured and approved in our facilities in Lorsch/Germany and characterized by high quality, reliability and superior RF performance. Join us at the CommunicAsia 2018 and see our scalable Switch Matrix system “FlexLink-K7-Pro” and our versatile RF-over-Fiber system “FlexLink FLCRplus” also suitable for N+1 and N+2 optical transmission.

Products and services

RF-Design is developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality RF equipment, RF distribution solutions and RF-over-Fiber systems for the international Satellite-, Broadcast- and Broadband communication industry while our products and solutions are especially designed for applications in Teleports, Satellite Earth-Stations as well as for Broadcast- and Broadband RF distribution infrastructures.

Our product range includes:
- RF Switch Matrix Systems
- RF-over-Fiber solutions
- Switches/Redundancy-Switches
- Line-Amplifiers
- Splitters/Combiners
- RF & DVB Signal Quality Analyzers
- LNB-supply/control systems
- Custom-made RF-distribution solutions

All our products are manufactured, tested and approved in our own facilities in Lorsch/GERMANY and distinguished by excellent quality, reliability as well as superior performance.

FlexLink Switch Matrix Systems

FlexLink Switch Matrix Systems

The "FlexLink” Switch Matrix series represents stand-alone and scalable units allowing to switch any selected input to any or all outputs. The “FlexLink” Switch Matrix series incorporates units with 8:16, 16:16, 8:24 I/O´s and a scalable system from 8:8...64:64 up to 256:256 inputs/outputs. The “FlexLink” Switch Matrix units are distinguished by state-of-the-art features and functionalities as well as reliability, high quality and superior RF-performance.

FiberLinkplus RF-over-Fiber Series

FiberLinkplus RF-over-Fiber Series

The "Fiberlinkplus” represents versatile RF-over-Fiber optical transmission solutions for indoor & outdoor applications. It supports L-Band, IF and 10MHz frequency ranges while up to 16 TX or RX modules can be inserted into the corresponding chassis. Furthermore the system can be populated with 1:1, N+1 or N+2 redundant TX/RX configurations for secure optical transmission. It features variable gain-control, RF power monitoring, LNB-supply and superior quality and performance.

HQ High Quality Amplifier Series

HQ High Quality Amplifier Series

We offer Amplifiers with gain ranges of up to 45dB perfectly suited for compensating signal loss within the RF distribution chain. Our Amplifiers come in a 1RU/19” rack-mount chassis and feature single or quad systems, 1:1 redundant units or 1:1 redundant units with integrated splitters or combiners. All units have variable gain-control, RF power monitoring, 10MHz insertion, slope equalization, switchable LNB-supply, local and remote configuration and 1:1 redundant dual power-supply.

News & Innovations

Hiqh Quality Amplifier systems 

Our Line Amplifiers are designed in a 1RU/19” rack-mount chassis. The units come as dual, triple or quad line amplifiers (HQA series), 1:1 redundant line amplifiers (RLA270L/HQR145) or 1:1 redundant amplifiers with integrated 8-way or 16-way splitters or combiners (RLS/RLC/HQS). All our...| » Further reading 

New low-cost and professional active RF Splitters & Combiners 

We provide various active Splitters & Combiners already covering extended L-Band (850...2450MHz) while stand-alone single and dual (1RU/19”) as well as modular splitters & combiners (3RU/19') are available. Our splitters & combiners come as single or dual 4-way, 8-way, 16-way o...| » Further reading 


Marienburger Str. 3
64653 Lorsch

Phone: +49 6251 80384-0
Fax: +49 6251 80384-90

Oliver Vogel
Director Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 6251 80384-22 / +49 175 4379860

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