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Automatic Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA)

SignalShark supports automatic DF antennas from Narda. An automatic DF Antenna translates signals from several antenna elements into a single channel DF signal. The antenna is controlled by SignalShark, which automatically calculates bearings, based on the single channel DF signals. Measurement results can be bearings, as well as omnidirectional level and spectrum values. Additionally SignalShark calculates the statistical distribution of bearing lines and provides transmitter localization visualized as a heat map. The antenna can be used with a tripod, can be mounted to an antenna mast or can be attached to the rooftop of a vehicle via a magnetic mount adapter.

In an automatic DF Antenna, there are elements of antenna arrays, an omnidirectional reference antenna, four phase shifters, a summing stage and a switch matrix. The SignalShark controls and synchronizes the switch matrix with its extremely fast internal measurement unit. A complete bearing cycle can be as short as 1.2 ms. During each bearing cycle also the omnidirectional channel power and the spectrum is measured. This makes it possible to monitor changes in the signal level or spectrum concurrently with the bearings.

The antenna arrays of the automatic DF Antenna depend on the frequency range. At low frequencies, just a pair of crossed coils are used in combination with the Watson-Watt DF-method. At medium and high frequencies, a 9-element circular array is used for the correlative interferometer DF-method.

Exhibitor: Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH

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